Video Conferencing
Communicate more.  Travel less. 
The benefits of teleconferencing and video conferencing are clear: reduced operating costs, faster and more informed decision making, individuals and teams spending less time in transit and more time focused on their core competencies.  CIM works with the most trusted brands in the industry (including LifeSize, Polycom, and Cisco) to employ cost saving video and teleconferencing solutions that help organizations save thousands in travel related expenses.  We can help choose the right solutions for your organization to ensure rapid ROI and wide-scale adoption.  CIM has the expertise to assist your business throughout the entire process - from choosing the right solution to design and implementation.

Video Conference Room-based
Room-based video conferencing systems give groups the ability to meet naturally over any distance, enabling more productive meetings and real-time decision making. 

Personal Video Conferencing Personal & Mobile 
Telepresence is not just for the boardroom anymore.  Now users can connect face-to-face from nearly any mobile device.  Video conferencing is most effective when it's widely accessible and easy to use, and now cloud-based solutions are available for even greater simplicity.
Immersive Telepresence Video Infrastructure
Virtual communications environments require video conferencing infrastructure to achieve maximum functionality, speed, and efficiency.  Infrastructure solutions make your video conferencing systems manageable and scalable for any type of deployment.
Telemedicine Specialized Industry Solutions
Video conferencing streamlines communication between employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders in every industry.  Doctors can remotely treat patients face-to-face with telemedicine. Students can learn foreign cultures first hand with video conferencing in K-12. 

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