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Everything you need for one-to-one learning.
Learning Management System + Content Management System + Mobile Device Management + mobile learning device = Mobile Learning Solution (MLS)
All on one platform.
CurriculumLoft combines everything schools need to implement a one-to-one program - all on a single platform.  From CurriculumLoft, educators can organize and share digital curriculum, administer and automatically grade digital student assessments, and manage mobile student devices without needing to involve several different vendors. 
  CurriculumLoft CLOUD provides a web-based platform where teachers can collaborate with their peers to organize and share their digital curriculum.  Any file type can be uploaded and aligned to integrated state and Common Core standards.  The CLOUD is accessible by students and teachers from any web-enabled device.
    CurriculumLoft AUTOMATE allows teachers to automate the assignment delivery and grading process.  Administrators get real time insight to the district's performance levels.
CurriculumLoft EXPLORE1:1 allows educators or administrators to manage all student devices remotely from a central platform.  Apps, web links, and content from the CLOUD can all be synced to student devices, and content is stored locally for student access even without an Internet connection.  EXPLORE1:1 can also "lock down" devices so that students may only access teacher-approved content and applications.
**Remote content syncing now available for iPad too!  Watch a video.
    CurriculumLoft CONNECT provides classroom management functionality in a 1:1 environment.  Teachers can view and monitor any/all student devices from her own computer or device.  The teachers can choose any students screen to share for the class to view.
KUNO is CurriculumLoft's android tablet that is specifically designed for education.  With a mobile web filter embedded at the root level, the devices is CIPA compliant and safe for student use.
**Here what educators and students are saying!
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