Automated Grading
Spend your time on instruction - not grading papers.
GradeCam makes assessment fast and easy because its software allows teachers to grade multiple choice assignments and tests with any web or document camera
Track student results
While assessments are being created, questions can be linked to state standards, making it easy to monitor student progress.  Once scanned, scores can be transferred to any electronic gradebook.  GradeCam also allows educators to generate aggregate reports in real time and share them with administrators. 
Save money
With GradeCam, your school can stop paying for bubble sheet forms, such as Scantron sheets.  GradeCam's forms can be printed for free online from any printer on plain paper.  Forms can also be customized with pre-filled-in student ID numbers.  Save even more by laminating forms for students to use again and again with dry-erase markers.
Immediate feedback
Since students can swipe their own tests, they get instant feedback on assignments.  Teachers may also choose to collect tests and scan themselves.
 So easy.  So fast.  So inexpensive.
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