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Achieving the Flipped Classroom

You've heard the buzz, so what is a flipped classroom?  The concept is a new way of looking at the school day, with lectures being delivered to students while they're at home, and "homework" being done in class.  By recording lessons for students to watch in digital format on their own, teachers free up class time to answer more questions and provide more one-on-one guidance as students practice what they learned. 
In fact, 67% of teachers reported improvements on standardized scores since implementing this concept, according to a survey conducted by Classroom Window.  So how can you make the switch?   

Record your own interactive lessons.  With technology like the FrontRow Juno, teachers can record lessons with simple voice commands like 'begin' and 'finish.'  The system's smart Echo software automatically saves the recordings as MP4 files to the teacher's computer to be posted and distributed to students when she's ready.  
Make recorded lessons available to students 24/7.  With CurriculumLoft, CLOUD teachers can easily upload these recorded lessons into designated folders for each course they teach.  This only takes a minute, and students can access the files on any web-enabled device.  For making lessons available to students anytime - even when Internet access is not available - educators can use CurriculumLoft's EXPLORE1:1 software to sync lessons locally to student devices in a one-to-one environment. 
Here's a video of one educator's experience with flipping his classroom.  
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