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10 Best Android Apps for Education in 2012


eSchool News recently published their list of the ten best Android apps for education, all of which have been highly rated by both teachers and students.  Check out the list - is your favorite included?  If not, tell us your favorites on our Twitter page
@CIMTechSolution and we'll publish in our next customer newsletter!

1.      Advanced English and Thesaurus   Unlike standard formats, this WordNet dictionary is organized so that nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms, interlinked by means of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations.  (Free | rated 4.3/5 | best for high school students & teachers using Android 2.0 and up)

2.      AnyMemo Free    An advanced, spaced-repetition flash card app with no ads, text-to-speech, and millions of downloads for memorizing just about anything.  Flashcards from external sites can be imported as well.  (Free | rated 4.6/5 | best for high school students using Android 1.6 and up)

3.      HomeWork    Homework and timetable app/widget that lists assignments and exams listed by date.  (Free | rated 4.6/5 | best for high school students using Android 1.6 and up)

4.      Kids ABC Phonics    Teaches kids alphabet letter sounds and the basics of blending through various games.  Kids hold and turn a picture-filled letter block to hear the ABC phonics being pronounced.  ($3.99 | rated 4.5/5 | best for ages 2-7)

5.      Kids Numbers and Math    Presents a fun way for kids to learn numbers and basic math skills.  Numbers are spoken in kid-friendly English, and games include learning numbers, choosing max/min numbers, addition, subtraction, and matching.  Paid version enables number ranges to be set.  (Free or $2.99 | rated 4.4/5 | best for preschoolers)

6.      Splashtop Whiteboard    Once connected to their computer over Wi-Fi, teachers and students can watch video, control PC and Mac applications, and annotate lesson content from their tablet.  ($9.99 | rated 4/5 | best for teachers & high school presentations) 

7.      Star Chart    This virtual star chart allows users to point an Android device at the sky to determine exactly what they're looking at using GPS technology.  ($2.99 | rated 4.4/5 | best four astronomy & STEM classes)

8.      Teacher Aide Pro    Take attendance and grades with easy email and text features.  Features importing and exporting of student names and data via CSV file, one-click text to students and parents, and one-click random student generator.  ($5.99 | rated 4.9/5 | best for teachers)

9.      United States History Free    Contains large amounts of historical information and facts on US History, including the Constitution, Federalist Papers, the Bill of Rights, and the states.  (Free | rated 4.6/5 | best for elementary to high school students using Android 1.5 and up)

10.  WolframAlpha    Get answers and access to expert knowledge on mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, science, geography, culture, money and finance, and more.  ($2.99 | rated 4.5/5 | best four high school students using Android 2.1 and up

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