Digital Curriculum and Mobile Device Management
If you're an educator, you've undoubtedly begun to experience the shift away from traditional textbooks towards digital curriculum.  With this shift comes a new need for ways to manage all of the digital content that's being used.  

   -How will it be organized and shared?  
   -How instruction be differentiated for various types of learners?  
   -How will we deploy this curriculum in a one-to-one environment?  
This is where CurriculumLoft comes in...
CurriculumLoft is a single, web-based platform that encompasses both digital curriculum management (how to organize, store, and share content) and mobile device management (how to manage student devices and digital content in a one-to-one environment).  Three main components make up the CurriculumLoft:
CurriculumLoft CLOUD
  • Online space for storing & sharing customized content
  • Fosters teacher collaboration- Educators upload digital resources they're already using (PDF's, PowerPoints, web links, videos, etc) and share with peers
  • Content organized by grade level and unit of study
  • Integrated alignment with state and Common Core standards
  • Share with students, parents, and administrators from any web-enabled device 
CurriculumLoft EXPLORE1to1
  • Push content from Cloud to student device level and store locally
  • Student access to course resources even where Internet access is unavailable
  • Control- only course content and other teacher approved apps/resources accessible by students
  • Remotely manage & push/pull apps to any selected student device or group of devices 
CurriculumLoft ANALYZE
  • Digitally assign and collect homework, tests, quizzes, and projects
  • Track results via electronic gradebook
  • Provide administrator-level analysis 


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