Audio Systems
CIM recommends sound field amplification in your classroom for many proven reasons!  Results show significant improvements in speech intelligibility scores for students with hearing impairment and normal hearing in the amplified condition. Total scores for on-task behavior improved for six of the seven students observed.  Teacher and student comments identified numerous advantages of the amplification systems.   Another interesting note; because a sound field system lets teachers speak in a normal conversational tone, schools have reported up to 60% reductions in teacher absenteeism from laryngitis.

Your words are more powerful when everyone can hear them.  Every day, in classrooms all over the world, FrontRow active learning systems are making a huge difference in the ways kids learn!  CIM Technology Solutions in partnership with FrontRow can help your teachers from vocal strain and help each and every student make sure they hear and retain what is being taught.  Contact CIM today to hear what you're missing!
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